Vampire Stake For The Khmer Rouge In Croatia

The eagerly awaited tour of Australia organised by Croatian Diasporan Voice, named “Croatia Uncensored” with the very strong politician, scientists and historians who have spent decades in battling for a communist heritage free Croatia made a strong start in Geelong and Melbourne this past weekend. General Zeljko Glasnovic, Member of Croatian Parliament for the Diaspora, Dr Tomislav Sunic, author and political commentator, Dr Josip Jurcevic, author and historian as well as Igor Vukic, political scientist and researcher into the truth of WWII Jasenovac camp started their patriotic tour of Australia during which main issues thwarting real progress toward a fully functional state of Croatia arouse and were  openly and strongly discussed in front of and with many Australian Croatians taking part in these events.

“Croatia Uncensored” Pero Gelo and Tom Sunic

“Croatia Uncensored” The Alex Theatre Melb 13 sept


“Croatia Uncensored” Pero Gelo and Josip Jurcevic


The main points strongly marking this Croatia Uncensured tour of Australia are summarised as follows:

  • The biggest problem in Croatia is the left-right wing of UDBA (Yugoslav Secret Service) that has penetrated the entire State;
  • Croatia is paying tens of thousands pensions into Serbia and yet it has not yet solved the question of Croatian Defence Council status;
  • Lustration has not been carried out;
  • Out of 32 Constitutional court judges 27 were operatives in in former communist Yugoslavia system;
  • It’s easier to create a State than to keep it – all former communist operatives need to be knocked out of the State system;
  • The current Croatian State has disappointed us all;
  • It is a shame that in 1991 Croats didn’t go for the ousting of Yugoslavs and communists;
  • The young need to know that if we don’t understand our past we do not have a chance for a functional democratic future;
  • We need to look for the truth and stick to our identity;
  • Croatia must rid itself of lies and communist legends and myths;
  • The real traitors in Croatia are those who collaborate with former communists such as Milorad Pupovac (a Serb minority parliamentary representative);
  • Representatives in the Croatian Parliament have concocted the so-called joint criminal enterprise, which to them is the independent state of Croatia;
  • This is not a tour of desperation but a call to hope and action for a better, functional democratic Croatia.

Ina Vukic